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How to cope with suicidal thoughts - For yourself

Seek help

Seek help from a mental health professional (psychologist or psychiatrist), a counsellor, a doctor, or a suicide crisis helpline (SADAG or Lifeline), as soon as possible.

SADAG suicide crisis line: 080-056-7567

Lifeline: 0861-322-322

The right treatment and support can help you overcome these thoughts and reconnect with reasons to live.

This isn’t something to try deal with alone.

It’s not your fault

Remind yourself that thinking about suicide isn’t your fault. It doesn’t mean you’re weak. Remember asking for help takes an enormous amount of strength and shows just how brave you are.

Talk to someone you trust

Speak to a trusted friend or family member about what you’re dealing with. Let them know you’re needing support. It will leave you feeling less isolated.
It is hard, but it’s not helpful to ask the person you speak to not to tell anyone. Thinking about suicide can’t be kept a secret.  It’s important they help you get the professional care you need.

But your privacy is still important. Rather discuss with them who they can and can’t speak to.

Pay attention

Try think about:

Once the thoughts have subsided

Reach out for support.

If you’re not already receiving professional mental healthcare, this is something you need to access.

Find ways to cope.

Find healthy ways of caring for yourself and coping with your emotional pain.

Create a safety plan.

Create a safety plan which outlines steps to take when you are overwhelmed by suicidal thoughts. This could include calling a crisis helpline, reaching out to someone you trust, or other coping strategies which work best for you in these moments.

How to cope with suicidal thoughts