Cindy is 23 years old and recently started her first job. Everyone in her family is very proud of her. She thought she would feel proud and happy too, but she doesn’t.

She thinks she’s not smart enough to keep this job. She is sure that her employers will see that she’s useless and fire her soon.

She has been having trouble falling asleep. Then she wakes up late in the mornings. SHe tries to get ready quickly so she’s not late for work, but it’s not easy and she’s already been late a few times. Even if she gets to work on time, her energy levels are very low, so she struggles to get through all her tasks.

She hasn’t made much effort to get to know her colleagues. She thinks ‘why should I, if I’m not going to be here for very long?’

She’s even stopped seeing her friends as much as she used to. She doesn’t feel like socialising and would rather be on her own. She just wants to sleep, but when she tries to sleep, she just thinks too much.

What is Depression?

Depression is when feelings of sadness and hopelessness get in the way of your daily life.

How do I recognise depression?

Depression is a mental health condition which can be treated with medication, therapy, support and self-care. It takes a lot of strength to manage it, but remember, you or someone you care about can learn to manage depression with the right help.

Tips for coping with depression