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How to Cope if you are having a Panic Attack

Accept you’re having a panic attack. Don’t try to fight it or tell yourself to not panic. This will just add to your feelings of distress.R emind yourself that this is okay, It’s common, it WILL pass and It’s NOT dangerous.

Don’t panic about the fact that you’re panicking.

Slow down and deepen your breath.

Shift your focus to something outside your own body and symptoms. Such as,

Focus on what is happening right now around you.

Practice muscle relaxation techniques – tense one muscle at a time and then relax it. Repeat this everywhere until your whole body is relaxed.

Once the panic attack is over

Remind yourself that panic attacks are common and are not a sign of weakness or failure. Recovery can take time, so It’s important to be patient and kind to yourself during the process.

Do activities that calm and relax you:

Talk to someone about your experience and reach out for support from friends/family/counsellor. Speak to a mental health professional for support, guidance, and treatment. It is important to do this if you have panic attacks often or feel they are interfering with your daily life. Identify triggers(what makes them happen) and try to avoid or manage those triggers in the future.

Learn coping skills

Everyone copes differently, so It’s important to find and practise what works best for you.

Some of these symptoms are like those of other medical conditions. Seek medical attention if you’re unsure about the cause of your symptoms. Remember these symptoms are manageable with the right coping skills and support, so you can still live a fulfilling life!